This is Motherhood Ceramic Mug


This is Motherhood Ceramic Mug

Our This is Motherhood Mug is the perfect mug for all Mums.

A great choice of mug out of which to drink your cold tea, or to hide with in the bathroom to drink your coffee in peace because, you know, This is Motherhood. This mug also makes a great gift for your Mum friends or partner on their Birthday or Mother’s Day. You can even choose to add a bag of Perkulatte Cafetiere Grind Coffee.

Our This is Motherhood design is one for the good days and the bad, for days we need reminding that this is the gig and we are all bossing it!

Motherhood can be so different for each of us yet we have so much in common, some days we need reminding that we are enough and some days we want to celebrate all the amazing moments, this mug will cover both and have you feeling as though you can take on the world.


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