Flying with Kids: In Flight Entertainment

Personalised In Flight Entertainment Bag

Flying with Kids: In Flight Entertainment

This summer we are embarking on an adventure that will involve a 9 hour flight with a 6 and 2 year old. I’m panicking slightly about keeping them entertained (the 2 year old more so) so have been searching for ways to keep them and us sane, and most importantly trying to find a way to keep everything we’ll be taking organised in my hand luggage.

That is where our range of Travel Bags come in! We’ll be packing our In Flight Entertainment Bags full of activities as well as our Bits & Bobs Bags full of snacks, easy to grab at the first sign of a meltdown.

I’ll be sharing what I’m planning to take for each of the boys and then once we survive the trip I’ll do an updated blog with the hits and misses.

Flying with a 6 Year Old

So first up is the big boy, I’m not overly worried about him, we’ll load up the iPad with plenty of Pokemon episodes and we have our Nintendo Switch also which will kill some hours but I also don’t really want him to be plugged in for the whole flight so will fill his In Flight Entertainment Bag with:

  1. Headphones – So the poor people behind us don’t have to listen to Ash shouting “Pikachu I choose you” repeatedly. I’ve got these Mpow Kids Headphones from Amazon and I love that they are volume limited so I know he’s not got them too loud for his ears.
  2. Travel Activity Pad – This Travel Activity Pad looks perfect, loads of games and puzzles all travel themed to help build the excitement, this will be great for Airport downtime and for keeping him entertained on our trip also, I’ll pack a small pencil case filled with colouring pens and pencils.
  3. LEGO – A small tin filled with a few LEGO bricks and Minifigures, along with a small LEGO plate for building on. I might pop in some of the Create challenge cards from the Sainsbury’s Lego Card Collection, but I’m also looking at getting him a small box like this LEGO Classic Fun Future Set which comes with a little leaflet of some fun things you can build with the bricks included.
  4. Small Toys – Some of his small figures and cars, he has a few small Star Wars diecasts I may pack along with some of his Lego Star Wars Minifigures.
  5. Books – Although he’s not reading confidently on his own quite yet he is getting there, so I’ve got him two of the World Book Day specials, one about Lego Minifigures which I’m sure he’ll love looking at and the other is a short story from the people behind the The 13-Storey Treehouse which I’ve heard is a really good book to introduce to newly independent readers, but I’m sure we’ll read it together at first.
  6. We’ll also let him choose a magazine at the airport and I’m going to pack some UNO Cards too.

Flying with a 2 Year Old

This guy is the one I’m worried about, how do you keep a 2 year old still for 9hrs?! He’s a bit rubbish at sleeping anywhere other than his cot so that worries me, luckily a lovely friend has offered to lend us their JetKids by Stokke BedBox, these are pricey but if you travel a lot I think it would probably be worth it, I’m hoping that he’ll be more likely to sleep if he can lay down, so will be packing a blanket and travel pillow (for both boys). In terms of entertainment we’ll be packing:

  1. Headphones – Again we’ll have the iPad loaded with Games for him and plenty of Tigger & Pooh downloaded on DisneyLife but he’s not entertained by that for long, he might sit through one whole film…maybe. These Headphones can plug into each other if they are watching the same thing, but I feel like connecting them by a wire may be a risky choice so I’m going to order this 5-Way Multi Headphone Splitter too, that way if I fancy watching along with them I can, and we can use it in the hotel of an evening if we want to watch something when they are sleeping.
  2. Colouring Book with Stickers – Not sure how long this will keep him entertained but its worth a shot, I’m going to get some triangular crayons too in the hope they won’t roll off the table. I like the look of this Melissa & Doug Truck Crayon Set as I think taking them in and out of the truck case will probably kill another 5-10 mins.
  3. Small Cars and Road Tape – We got our Road Tape from Tiger and it’ll be great not only on the tray table but also in hotels and houses we’ll be staying in.
  4. Sticky Sticks – I’ve made a few sticky lolly sticks for him using Craft Lollipop Sticks and Sticky Velcro Dots, it’s so easy, you pop hook dots on one side of the stick and loop dots on the other and then can stick and unstick to their hearts content, older kids can use them to build shapes, there are some great tutorials on our Travelling with Kids Pinterest board.
  5. Threading & Lacing – We had a few lacing animals and threading beads laying around so I’ve packed a few of each for him to have a go with.
  6. Small Lift the Flap Books – These little books have creatures hiding under flaps and minimal words so our neighbours won’t have to hear the same story on repeat over and over, I’ve gone for Ocean and Forest as we’ll be visiting both on our trip and I do love to be on theme.
  7. Nuts and Bolts – I saw these Plastic Nuts & Bolts on a another blog and thought what a great idea they were, he loves taking the lids on and off his smoothie pouches so I think these will buy me a bit of time.
  8. Reusable Stickers – I like the idea of the window clings but I don’t like the idea of them falling to the floor and picking up whatever is on it, I also don’t want him covering the area around him with normal stickers so I’m going to get him this Reusable Sticker Pad, we have some already at home, they will stick to the window and airplane perfectly as well as the scenes they come with and he’ll be able to use them all holiday. I’m going to go with the Vehicle set as he loves Cars and Diggers and there’s also an airport scene so again, you know, on theme.
  9. Bangles – I watched him spend a good 20 mins enthralled with putting my Grans bracelet and watch on and taking them off again when I met her for coffee one day, as soon as I got home I added some of my old bangles to his In Flight bag, whatever it takes right?!

So there we have it, that’s what we’ll be packing in their In Flight Entertainment Bags which are personalised and perfect for popping in your carry on or for ours they will likely have a backpack each and we’ll pop them in there along with a few bigger treats which we will wrap and dole out when tensions are high. I’m thinking small Lego and Duplo sets and a few extra special snacks. We’ll also be filling our Bits & Bobs Bags with 9 hrs worth of snacks, I’ll write another post nearer the time about what that looks like.

In the meantime you can shop our Travel Edit here and if you have any suggestions for what has worked for you in the past or what 9 hours worth of snacks might look like do let us know in the comments.

*This post contains some Affiliate links, we have only included products we have brought ourselves or think you’ll really love.*

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