Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Busy Mums

Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Busy Mums

Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Busy Mums

To Elf or not to Elf, that’s the question many parents find themselves asking at this time of year. It’s like Marmite, people have very strong views on the little fella. Like much of parenting I feel whether you love him or hate him it’s a decision that is yours alone to make, don’t like him, don’t do it…simple. A word of warning though, once you start you are stuck with him, kids and their memories eh?!

We are VERY busy in December completing orders in time for Christmas delivery so our approach is a laid back, some would say panicked and lazy one. Last year he just got moved from one place to the next most nights in a post packing panic at 11pm, but do you know what Isaac loved those mornings just as much as the ones we put a bit more effort in to, if that’s all you have the time to do, it’s fine, don’t set the bar too high and they won’t expect it.

Here are a few things we plan on doing this year, most of which are super low key and low effort, because let’s face it December is busy enough!

1. North Pole Breakfast: The one thing we do each year that I actually spend some time on, King the Elf joins us the day we go to pick out our Christmas Tree and he always brings us breakfast. By that I mean he turns up with some flour and eggs and a bowl, sets the table with our Christmas plates and bits and I usually make Isaac up a chocolate milk in a milk bottle, last year I even covered the rim with chocolate and sprinkles (get me!) and Hubs makes his famous pancakes, last year they were arranged in a Santa face with a whipped cream beard and strawberry hat (get him!). This year…who knows, Christmas Tree shaped Crumpets from Asda me thinks!


2. The one prop I’ve brought this year is a mini Ice Cream eraser from iwako.¬†They have lots of elf sized food erasers which would make perfect props, I’m not sure how I’m going to use it yet, but I’m thinking a bit of lotion on his face will make it look like hes been enjoying a lovely ice cream treat.

Image result for iwako ice cream erasers

3. Our Elf isn’t overly naughty however I am going to do the old loo roll down the stairs gag this year, low mess as far as the loo roll shenanigans go on Pinterest. I think the most important thing to remember is your Elf only makes as much mess as you do, don’t want to spend all day cleaning up sprinkles from your kitchen side….don’t have him make snow angels in sprinkles!

4. We try and tie Elfy activities in with any plans we have for the day, or use him to suggest activities, especially in the school holidays, set him up with some crayons and stickers and suggest your little one joins in the fun, have him cutting out paper snowflakes or making paper chains.

5. Feeling brave? Get Mr Elf set up with some cookie cutters and bake gingerbread with the kids.

6. We love a festive movie night, so I think this year King will be waiting for us on the sofa with a DVD and some popcorn one afternoon.

7. King is going to deliver one of our Santa’s Nice List FESTIVE BADGES on Christmas Eve so the boys know they are firmly on the Nice List. Our Elf in Training badges would also make a cute elf gift.

We hacked our Elf last year to make him bendy which has definitely helped in where we can perch or hang him, you can see the instructions we followed HERE.

We’ve pinned loads more fab and easy ideas over on our Elf on the Shelf Pinterest Board, why not head over and take a look!


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