Christmas Eve Bags: What to put in them!

Christmas Eve Bags: What to put in them!

What to put in your Christmas Eve Bag

Christmas Eve Boxes have become a tradition for many families at Christmas, and while Christmas Eve Boxes and Bags are a relatively new tradition, they are one that we love in our house. Snuggling up in new PJ’s with a Christmas Film, Popcorn and Hot Chocolate after setting out Santa’s Milk and Rudolphs carrot has quickly become one of my favourite parts of Christmas.

Our larger bags make the perfect Christmas Eve Box alternative and our Build your Own Christmas Eve Bags include a few things to get you started, we thought we’d share with you how we’ll be be using our Christmas Eve Bags this Christmas and what little extras we’ll be including.

Our small bags are the perfect size to contain small treats, and great for keeping larger Christmas Eve Boxes organised and treats separate for families who have one big box for the whole family. Why not fill yours with some of these suggestions:

1. Hot Choc Stirrer – You can add one of our super tasty Hot Chocolate Stirrers on our Build Your Own Christmas Eve Bag Listing, or when ordering the second item on our list.

2. Personalised Kids Christmas Mug – We have three super cute Kids Christmas Mug designs, perfect for their Christmas Eve Hot Chocolate, there are even ones for Mum & Dad too!

3. Marshmallow Sticks – A nice quick and easy DIY choice, we are going to give these Sprinkle covered Marshmallow Sticks a go.

Personalised Kids Christmas Eve Mug 

4. Festive Badges – Super cute Festive Badges available as a 4 pack or individually, these are also great for your Elf to bring if you have one.

5. Candy Cane Holder – How cute?! We love these cute crocheted Candy Cane Holders from Hooked by a Fin

6. Reindeer Food – You can get this from a lot of places, it’s just really important to make sure that any glitter included is the edible sort if you are planning on sprinkling in your garden, if your feeling up to it you could even make your own, just mix oats and edible glitter together.

7. Santa Key – We have one of these that comes out each year, although we do have a fireplace now so the big man won’t need to use the door!

Our larger bags will fit all of that and more, and make the perfect alternative to a full Christmas Eve Box, especially in families with a lot of children, here’s what we’ll be putting in ours:

Santa's on his Way Christmas Pyjamas  Personalised Nice List Sleepsuit

1. Christmas Pyjamas – Christmas Pyjamas are mandatory in our house on Christmas Eve! Our range of Christmas Pyjama’s & Sleepsuits are a perfect addition and you can add a pair to your bag on our Build your Own Listing, we have a soft spot for the Santa’s on his Way set for Christmas Eve.

2. Christmas Book – We always include a Christmas book to read before bed, last year our eldest got The Christmasaurus and our youngest this super cute illustrated Nutcracker Book, and I know they’ll both love them even more this year.

What to put in your Christmas Eve Bag

3. Christmas Pants & Socks – Any excuse for novelty Christmas socks & Pants!

4. Bath Bomb – Butterbear from Lush Tempt them into bath time a little easier with a fun bath bomb. We love Butterbear from Lush which will leave them silky soft, or Ickle Baby Bot which will help them drift off and calm the excitement of listening for Sleigh Bells.

5. Christmas Movie & Popcorn – We always snuggle up with Popcorn and a Christmas Film after bath time on Christmas Eve, this year it will be The Polar Express, it doesn’t have to be a new DVD but its a nice way to wind down and get them ready for sleeping with one eye open waiting for the Man with the bag.


We love these bits for the Adults in case you want to get in on the action too, our Bags have no age limit and we are seeing lots of orders come through for adult children and Mums & Dad too, pretty sure there might even be some Grandparents getting involved!

1. Alcoholic Hot Choc Stirrer – Those gorgeous Hot Choc stirrers from Cocoa Delicious also come loaded with booze!

2. Perkulatte Sugar Spoons – Add a little something to your Christmas Eve coffee with these flavoured Sugar Spoons from Perkulatte, who also make delicious Coffee to pair with them!

3. Personalised Christmas Mug Something Personalised to enjoy your tasty drink in, our Adult Mugs can be printed with Hot Chocolate, Mulled Wine or Mulled Cider on them and let us know if you want them to read Christmas rather than Christmas Eve so you can use them all month round.

    Mini & Me Christmas Script Pyjama Set

4. Christmas Pyjama’s –  As mentioned we love Christmas Pyjama’s and can’t wait to twin with the little ones this year.

So that’s it, our guide to what you can fill your Personalised Christmas Eve Bags with this year. We’d love to hear if there’s anything else you pop in yours.

Check out this video of Claire & James Unboxing their very own Christmas Eve Bag.

and see what will be waiting for Iona this Christmas Eve as her Mummy unboxes her Christmas Eve Bag





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