7 New Baby Essentials for surviving the first 8 weeks

7 New Baby Essentials for surviving the first 8 weeks

7 New Baby Essentials for surviving the first 8 weeks

I’d planned on doing a post about some of things we’d found invaluable during the first month of Baby Blueberry’s life, however somehow we are now on Week 9! Proving for sure it goes sooo much quicker second time round. So instead we have a little post on 7 New Baby Essentials for surviving the first 8 weeks.

7 New Baby Essentials for surviving the first 8 weeks

1 – Snuzpod

Top of the list, for sure, is the Snuzpod. I cant comment on other similar co-sleeper cribs, but my how I wish I’d had one of these with our oldest. No more dead arms hanging over moses baskets when he needs a bit of reassurance in the night, night feeds are so much easier and not having to get up to get him back in his bed was very much appreciated in those foggy, sleep deprived, early days. It also provides a safe space for him if our eldest needs to join us in the night or when he jumps in for Saturday morning biscuits in bed. And on top of all that, it looks great.

7 New Baby Essentials for surviving the first 8 weeks


Available at www.snuz.co.uk, they also have some gorgeous bedding to with it.




2 – Shnuggle

Next up is the Shnuggle Baby Bath, this baby bath is seriously amazing. Again I so wish these had been around when “I” was a baby. I don’t think I had the confidence to bath him on my own when he was teeny, but the Shnuggle makes it so easy. “E” is suffering from reflux and knowing I don’t have to worry about bathing him too close to a feed is perfect, as he’s kept so upright. Being able to look around has also been perfect for getting “I” involved in bathtime fun too!

7 New Baby Essentials for surviving the first 8 weeks




Available at our faves Kidly





3 – Jack N’ Jill’s Natural Bathtime

Along with a good bath, good Bathtime products are also a must. We’ve been using Jack N’ Jill’s Bubble Bath, Moisturiser and Shampoo & Body Wash which are free from nasties and fragrance free, meaning we know we are not putting anything unnecessary on the boys skin. This is especially important to us as “I” suffers from Eczema, which the moisturiser has really calmed down.

7 New Baby Essentials for surviving the first 8 weeks




Also available from Kidly





4 – Leggings

A good collection of baby leggings is essential, perfect for paring with a bodysuit or cool slogan tee (we have some rather nice ones 😉 ) and easy to throw in your changing bag with a vest in case of poo-mergency. The high street is almost catching up to the shop small movement, with Zara Kids always having a gorgeous selection, but our favourites are still small brands such as Lottie & Lysh, Hey Moko, Buddy and the Bear, Ted and Co Clothing and Tobias and the Bear.


5 – Sleepsuits

Equally there’s not much cuter or easier than Sleepsuits for dressing little ones, perfect for nappy access. Next have some super cute and very soft ones, and we have a soft spot for our range of unique and Personalised Sleepsuits, many of which are perfect for hospital bags or announcement photos.


6 – Muslins

I’m a self diagnosed Muslin addict, I cant get enough of them. Our favourites are our Mama Designs Clouds and our Bright Geo Triangle from Muzzies. We also love our Aden & Anais blanket and muslin burp cloths. We use our big swaddle blankets for everything, as a picnic blanket, somewhere for “E” to lie in our beach tent, as photo backdrops, as a lightweight blanket in the very warm days after he was born and occasionally for swaddling.

7 – Mama Designs Blanket

I am so so glad I brought one of these Cellular Blankets for my hospital bag, it was so nice to have something of our own to wrap “E” up in when he was born, and he has used it almost every day since. We got the crib size which was perfect for using in the hospital and now in his pram and car seat. Every nurse and midwife who saw him wrapped up in it asked where they could get one, seriously these blankets are gorgeously soft and stylish and are now top of my Baby Shower gift list for expectant friends and relatives.




Available from Mama Designs






So there we have it, the 7 things we have found invaluable over the last few months. Make sure you are following Blueberry Boo Kids on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK so you know when we launch AW17, which will contain a few new products which could become new baby essentials.

We’d love to hear what are/were your new baby must haves?


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