Maker of Enamel Pins – Dipping our toes into Kickstarter

Dipping our toes into Kickstarter

We recently took the plunge and dived head first into launching our first Kickstarter campaign, which is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’ve wanted to get some “Maker of Boys” pins made for a while so thought this might be a good thing to try and get funded along with hopefully Maker of Girls and Humans too.

Dipping our toes into Kickstarter

Why use Kickstarter?

As much as I’d love to be able to launch every idea I’ve ever had it’s not quite that easy, especially when things come with an upfront cost. We are a small family run business, this is my only source of income, every penny of profit that doesn’t go back into the business goes towards our rent and food, swimming lessons for the boys, that sometimes doesn’t leave a lot spare to fund big upfront manufacturing costs. This is where Kickstarter is so amazing, because every pledge made towards rewards goes directly into funding these pins, meaning I can launch this new range of pins with zero financial risk, which when you are a small business takes an enormous pressure off. Plus YOU get a super awesome reward in return, it’s just like pre-ordering except you know that if we reach our funding goal these pins will definitely get made (no risk for you either) and you’ll get yours before anyone else, plus you get ultimate bragging rights by being able to say you helped this small mum run brand add a new product to their offering.

How does it work?

We have a bunch of fab rewards available at well below RRP so you get a great deal in the process of helping us out. We have rewards from as little as £5 right up to £35 should you wish to be one of a handful of people rocking our new “Maker of” Sweatshirts before anyone else!

Dipping our toes into Kickstarter

You pledge for the reward you’d like to receive and if we reach our initial funding goal at the end of the 30 days you’ll be charged and receive your reward in approx 5-6 weeks (Pin manufacture will take 4 weeks)

Dipping our toes into Kickstarter

Maker of Boys will be the first Pin to be funded at £200 raised, as it is our most popular choice of design, we are almost here, incredibly we are over 75% funded after just 48 hours. But we’d love to get the others made too so we’ve added some Stretch Goals.

£250 – 1st Stretch Goal – If we raise just £50 more than our initial target, we will have enough to also produce Maker of Girls pins, if you have pledged you will then be able to choose from Boys or Girls as your reward, so if you would like a Maker of Girls pin please pledge before we reach this goal to help us get there and add this design to our order of pins.

£370 – 2nd Stretch Goal – If we raise this we will have enough to fund all 3 designs, including Maker of Humans, you will then be able to choose from Boys, Girls or Humans as your reward. So if you would like a Maker of Humans pin please pledge before we reach this goal to help us get there and add this design to our order of pins.

If we don’t reach our Stretch Goals and you pledged on 2 or more pins or a design we don’t raise enough to fund, you can choose from Maker of Boys or one of our existing pins. You can also pledge for one of our existing pins as a reward and these would be sent as soon as the campaign ends.

The Rewards

The Soft Enamel Pins will be 30mm wide, and made from Black Nickel filled with White Enamel, with a Rubber Clutch fixing and presented on printed backing cards.

If successful, we have a manufacturer lined up and the artwork is all approved ready to be sent off straight away, once fully funded manufacture would take approx 4 weeks. I aim to have all of the pins with me by mid September, and all additional products from rewards will be made up and ready to ship when the pins arrive.

I know many people aren’t familiar with how Kickstarter works so I thought I’d write a blog post to explain in a little more detail, if anyone has anymore questions then please just pop us an email or message.

If you’d like to support our campaign by pledging on a reward then you can check it out HERE


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